Friday, March 6, 2009

Hey! It's for Horses!

Wynn has picked up many great things at daycare; among the not-so-great is the habit of yelling, "Hey!" anytime she notices something, wants something, etc. We've been giving her the "Hay is for horses" line - so much so that she said it to the cashier at Target the other night when the nice lady replied to Wynn's "Hey!" with one of her own. 

Now Wynn has picked up a horse of her very own - a gift via one of Grandma's friends. Wynn adores this toy and now has a great reply for us when we remind her about hay being for horses: "I got a horse at home!" It's name? Horsie. 

Here she is riding Horsie. She yells "Giddy-up!" and "Yee-ha!" when she's riding him around the living room. When asked where she's going on her horse, her reply never varies - Canada. (Apparently, Canada is on our back porch.)

Horsie is still a bit wild, and he bucked her off. Good thing she was on the carpeting. And wearing her bright green Wellies. 

After you fall off a horse, you're supposed to get right back on. Wynn thought it was better to wrestle with him a bit to show him who's boss 'round these parts. 

The next morning, Wynn thought Horsie looked kinda tired from all those trips to Canada and wrestling and stuff, so she tucked him in her bed. I don't know which is funnier - the sheer volume of pink she chose to wear that day or the Godfather-esque nature of how she positioned that horse. 

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