Sunday, February 8, 2009

On the Ice

Today was Wynn's first time on ice skates. I told her this morning that we'd be going after lunch. 

As Scott was getting her dressed (at about 8:30), she insisted that she didn't need to put on shoes because she was going to wear skates today. After explaining to her that you don't wear skates the entire day - just when you're on the ice, she was made happy by being told that she could wear her helmet around the house instead.

She did a nice job for a first-timer and now has about 30 minutes more experience on ice skates than Baba does. 

There were a few tumbles, of course, but she took it all in stride. 

When she saw that I was skating on the rink, she yelled, "Hey! Look at Mom!" 

- Ann

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