Sunday, November 25, 2007

November Happenings

Thought we'd bring you up to date on some of the events and milestones of the last month.

Wynn didn't know WHAT to make of Halloween. She went to the Zoo Boo at Como Park dressed as a leopard. As we passed all the volunteers dressed up in costumes, she looked at them with a rather skeptical expression on her face. Who are all these people and why are they dressed so weird? Only at the very end of the event did she show any interest in a costumed character - Darth Vader. She sat straight up in her stroller when she saw him.

The cold she caught at daycare progressed into a full-blown sinus infection. Never ran a fever. Never complained. Lots of gooey sneezes and coughing, though. It was time to go to the doctor when the green slime started oozing out her eyes. Ten days of antibiotics pretty well cleared things up; although, she's started coughing again ... Fingers crossed it's just a cold this time.

She has made the leap to being able to put her LEGO's together; she used to just take them apart and hand them to us for the construction part of the game. She's spent the better part of the past week sitting on the floor putting together LEGO's to her heart's content. She's also getting better at holding a crayon and drawing on paper. We know she's been working on that at daycare - mostly while the other kids are taking a nap.

Wynn has decided that pumpkin pie is the best, but is also fond of pecan and blueberry. Basically, she'll eat anything with whipped cream on it. Though she still loves the McD's chocolate shake, she has been thinking Arby's lately. (She also loves organic mac & cheese from Trader Joe's and is strangely enthusiastic about spinach.)

Our thoughts on Thanksgiving this year were about the joy Wynn has brought into our lives. We are, of course, occasionally exhausted, but watching her grow and learn is rewarding beyond anything we could have imagined. We are also truly thankful for her foster mother in Qinzhou. She so obviously loved and cared for Wynn, and we will always be grateful for the role she played in bringing our daughter to us.

Checking out the Fall Garden with Grandma Marilyn

Bundled up Against the November Cold

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Erin Bennett said...

Cutest little leopard I've ever seen! Sorry about the sinus infection. Isn't that just the nature of the daycare beast? Bummer. Our whole house is getting over strep right now. Really fun. :)
Hope you guys are well! Loving the new pictures!