Thursday, October 18, 2007

Every Picture Tells a Story

Wynn's favorite thing about her doll bed is that she is small enough to fit in it too - usually on top of her baby doll. Sometimes she moves the doll out of the way first, picking her up by the hair and thunking her on to the floor.

No one eats ice cream alone at our house anymore.

Along with wanting to pick up every leaf in the yard by hand, she also wants to pick up all the sticks. Most of the time she stacks them under her picnic table, but on this day she was helping Baba out, so the sticks ended up in the fire pit.

Welcome to the snot factory. Wynn caught her very first genuine American cold. We're sure that her coming down with the crud the same week she started daycare is purely coincidental. Who ever heard of a child getting sick at daycare?


Anonymous said...

Happy November Scott, Ann, and Wynn!

Just checking in...looks like everything is going wonderfully and all is good in the world!

Wynn sure seems to like picking up those leaves and helping mama and baba! And the ice cream's always good to share! :-)

Take care...we'll be watching.

Jim, Sue, Megan, Erin and Joshua

Kathy & Matt said...

Scott & Ann,
I stop by occasionally but haven't left a note for awhile. Wynn is just beautiful! I love all the pictures. It's so awesome to see how well she's adapted to life here. Clearly she's getting some TLC!!!
We finally got our date for our adoption appointment in Ukraine. We leave 1/19/08 and have our appointment on 1/23. In Ukraine, you travel "bline" meaning we don't get referrals in advance. At the appointment, they present a few files that hopefully match what we've requested - little girl, 4 or younger, minor/correctable health problems.
As you can probably relate, our to-do list grows daily!
Can't wait to have the "after" posts like yours!
Happy Thanksgiving!!