Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mouth surgery recap

This summer's operation is to take a small chip of bone from Wynn's leg and graft it into the gap in her upper jaw. At the same time, the fistula will be closed up (that little hole between the inside of her mouth and her sinuses, just big enough for a strand of spaghetti to sneak through).

Ann and I were prepared to spend the whole morning waiting, but the surgery was over in about 45 minutes!  Wynn and I spent the night at Gillette Children's Hospital - mostly for observation's sake, as she was up and walking the floor by dinnertime (and I had to hustle to keep up with her IV drip and monitor...)

No complications at all with anaesthesia thanks to the short duration of the surgery; we had also briefed the team about how that has been the roughest part of prior operations for her & they adjusted her ventilation tube to irritate her throat less. Seems to have worked.

Ann got to be the parent to go into the O.R. with Wynn this time to help her fall asleep
Bored the next morning - she's on a smoothie diet but for some reason Gillette seems unable to make them. Ann brought one in from Starbucks and Wynn wolfed it down. We got home around lunchtime.

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