Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Speech update & next-surgery status

Took Wynn today to see her speech pathologist & oral surgeon - all smiles as she continues to make good progress. 

The next surgery is going to be in June 2014 (what we are trying to get on the schedule at least) and will be a complex one - although something this team has handled many times. They'll be taking a small core of bone out of Wynn's leg and grafting it in the small fistula that sits just behind her right front jaw - it's a hole from her mouth up into her sinus cavity. 

(When she was little sometimes spaghetti would sneak its way through and she'd look at us with a noodle hanging out of her nose.)

This will be a two-step process of course and will require an overnight stay in the hospital ... she won't feel like running around the next day for sure, and it'll be two weeks of liquid diet and then two weeks of soft / mushy diet after the surgery.

Not pleasant but it is the critical next step in helping her mouth make better-defined speech.

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