Sunday, June 9, 2013

School's out - big play date

Yesterday we hooked up with some of the other families from Wynn's 1st-grade class at Yinghua for a play date near the school. It was good for us grownups to be able to just sit around and chat (we learned more about behind-the-scenes stuff at school than we'd picked up through official channels for the entire year) - and we learned that Wynn's beloved teacher is leaving YA to get married and move to Copenhagen of all places! She is majorly bummed out about that as she really wanted to take Choir next year & be instructed by her...

Someone managed to bump her shin REALLY HARD on the edge of something ... neither Ann nor I recognized Wynn crying (because she just doesn't cry, she's awesome all the time!  we're not bad parents, right?  ...   oh we are so ashamed ...)
Long lens to get a candid shot, as Wynn hams it up whenever she knows she's being photographed...
Injury doesn't seem to be bothering her now.
NO IDEA what the story is here but the expressions are just great.

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