Sunday, January 27, 2013

She *still* really likes congee

Now that we live in the middle of the Twin Cities, it's a lot easier to try new restaurants.  Last night we stopped at Que Nha on University Avenue.  A light-rail station is literally just outside their front door & this is exactly the kind of business that will get all sorts of traffic when the trains start running.  A family-run, family-friendly place ... clean, well-decorated, with fast service.  We'd told Wynn that they had congee on the menu, and that's all she wanted to talk about on our short drive there...

This serving bowl is about 2/3 of a gallon...  just beautiful; we haven't seen so much meat in a serving of congee anywhere else on our travels.  Really a lovely sight & smell to behold on a gray, windy, cold day like yesterday.
Wynn had three bowls - I had one as well - and we still had plenty left over for breakfast today!

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