Sunday, September 2, 2012

Minnesota State Fair - 2012 Visit #3

The Fair has proven to be a mighty good and considerate neighbor during its run, and each time we approach its gates the excitement level only goes up!  We made our third trek there as a family on Saturday (Ann & I had actually gone there the night before, too, to see the Jeremy Messersmith / Dessa / Jayhawks / Semisonic concert...)  and Uncle Paul came along this time too (because he's always good for going on the rides.)

This time we had a later roll-out - walking over about 9:30 am.

Up on Machinery Hill the Mr. Bubble people have a giant bubble pit.  KID MAGNET.

As the kids got out, most of the parents' reactions were of the "oh, you're all dirty" variety.  Really?  Your child is actually the opposite of dirty!
Taking a hydration break

Goofy Gelato Girls
I tried the Fried Snickers Bar ... for $4 it was about what I expected, not magnificent but not unsatisfying. If you want to try it, you should (they have fried Reese's Cups and Milky Way too)

She didn't want to go on the Giant Slide, but the River Raft Ride was OK ... she went with Ann & Paul (I knew my back wouldn't care for it.)  The grownups got pretty drenched but Wynn was sheltered.  The ride actually broke just as they were finishing...
There are actually healthy snacks at the Fair - the peach was deliciously juicy
Most of the people in the DFL booth fell over laughing when she struck this pose with President Obama
Gotta use up those Kidway tickets... getting her ride on with the flying elephants
Getting strapped in to the Kite Flyer ride
Holding on tight but having a blast as she flies around on her tummy

Handling all that Fair swag takes a lot of effort!  Balloon, chicken hat, inflatable unicorn...

We got back home about 1:30 in the afternoon ... by 2:00 we were in the backyard pool:
"Come in, Baba!  (I did...)
 And after that, many naps were taken. Altogether a most awesome day.

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