Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gone Fishin'

Wynn went fishing for the first time this morning. Grandpa came over with waxies, bobbers, and all the other necessary supplies. We walked over to our neighbors' dock and started casting.

Apparently, we live on a very good fishing lake - and the Disney Princess fishing pole is a winner. It got to the point where every cast ended with a strike. Some of them just ate the worm and took off, but, in the course of about half an hour, Wynn and Grandpa landed twelve fish: sunnies, crappies, and Northerns. Six of them were keepers, so Grandpa took those home to clean; we'll be eating them for dinner later today.

In true fisherman style, Wynn has embraced the art of exaggeration and claims that they caught "about 35" fish. I reminded her that it was twelve, which is still pretty impressive.

She was not at all squeamish about handling the worms; in fact, she thought they were pretty cool. (Not at ALL like her mom in that regard.)

I couldn't find the camera, but here's a grainy cellphone picture of the great fishing adventure...

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