Friday, September 11, 2009

Definitely Baba's Girl

Wynn and I have been going out to the airport to do some airplane-watching recently.
Much to my relief, the railings along the parking deck are at just the right height for safety, while still allowing someone a great view.
She genuinely enjoys watching takeoffs and landings, and tells me to "catch it! catch it!" with my camera. On the way home, she'll flip through the photos on the camera's screen with pride as if she'd taken them herself.

She also likes riding on the underground trains there, too. "Like Tokyo!" she says.

She rode around on my back when we went out on Labor Day this week, appearing like this. She certainly charmed all the flight crews and security on our little adventure.
Next month, another family trip! Wynn now knows her way around the airport, and even which airplane we'll be going to Seattle on.

No, really, she does. "It's the long one!" Which is right, the 757-300...

Could I *be* more proud of this smart little one? --Scott

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Miss Lexy said...

She's so cute :D I've missed your entries!