Saturday, July 4, 2009

Some Pictures as We Pack our Bags

The bus for the airport leaves in about three hours, so we're packing our suitcases, going to the 7-11 to spend some of our coins, trying to keep Wynn happy/busy, and looking forward to a loooooong flight home.

Last night when I asked Wynn what she was going to do on the plane today, she said, "Play and eat!" Hope she fits some sleep in there too.

Entrance to the Imperial Palace Gardens

Enjoying the Gardens

"Electric Town" in Akihabara

We Don't Have Them Back Home Anymore,
But They Still Exist

The Control Panel on Our Hotel Room Toilet
(All Western Tourists are Required to
Take Pictures of Japanese Toilets)

Udon Shop Where We Had Dinner
View from the Top of the Government Center

Our Hotel

Bye, Tokyo!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Its been fun looking at all of your pictures! I'm exhausted for you guys though...