Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day = Girls' Day

(Mother's Day morning, at home)

Me: Wynn, should we go to the zoo today and see the animals?

Wynn: Oh, yeah.

Me: Should we invite Baba?

Wynn: No. Just you and me. Girls' day.

Me: But, what will Baba do while we're at the zoo?

Wynn: Um ... play with Shadow!

(at the zoo, looking at the lowland gorillas, surrounded by noisy, chaotic crowd of stroller-wielding families)

Me: Look how big that gorilla is!

Wynn: Oh, yeah. He bigger than Baba. 

Me: You're right. 

Wynn: And Baba real BIIIGG. (accompanied with arm gestures for emphasis)

Me: There's another gorilla over there, see? Oh, she has a baby on her back.

Wynn: Mom and baby. That like me and you. (big hug)

Cute pictures, completely unrelated to the story ...

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