Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ah, Muffins ...

Wynn's uncle Paul introduced her to the wonderful world of baking muffins a couple weeks ago, and it has quickly become her latest passion/obsession. 

Once we figured out that she could rarely polish off a standard size muffin in its entirety, we got out the mini-muffin tins and have been using them several times a week since.

It did take her a couple days to master the subtle nuances that distinguish a cupcake from a muffin, though. After returning from a trip to the grocery store with Scott, she proudly held up a bag of muffin mix and proclaimed with awe, "Cupcakes in here!" 

Her jobs include: pouring the mix into the big bowl, stirring the mix, helping fill the tins, licking batter off her fingers, squealing with glee when they come of the oven, and, of course, eating them. So far she's made lemon poppyseed, blueberry, and chocolate chip.

Tonight's batch was extra-special because she made them with Baba and knew they were going to be served as dessert with dinner. 

I swear this photo is not staged.

She looks so determined.

It makes me smile to see Wynn so utterly charmed by baking. I have many memories of being in the kitchen with my grandma and mom - standing up on a chair so I could reach the bowl to stir, rolling out pie crusts, chopping nuts in one of those goofy little contraptions where you pound-pound-pound on the handle, etc. I love seeing Wynn so enthralled by this simple, fond thing from my childhood. She doesn't need a pile of toys that light up and play obnoxious music at her. Just give her a bag of muffin mix and twenty minutes of your time, and she's one happy girl.

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Canto said...

You know I just recently spent an evening baking with my "little" guy. Of course he would be horrified at the idea of me talking about this with anyone, let alone online. Anyway, he helped mix the batter for our peanut butter cups and he filled the mini muffin pan with the holiday papers. Then he helped spoon the mix into the papers. After they came out of the oven he helped by putting the reeses cups in the cookies. They turned out perfectly and we had a wonderful time.

I don't get those moments much anymore. He's getting too old to need time like that with his momma, but it's nice when he wants to. Cherish these moments. They'll be gone before you know it and Wynn will be asking if you'd let her take you to work so she can drive the car to school when she gets her license (yes he tried that the other day)!