Tuesday, February 26, 2008

February Visits

Earlier this month, in what we hope will become a Chinese New Year tradition, we got together with two of the other Minneapolis-St. Paul area families who traveled with us in China. How wonderful to see how the other kids are adapting and thriving!

We posed them on the couch in the same manner as the famous "red couch" at the White Swan Hotel back in Guangzhou. Wynn is the smallest and youngest, at 2 years. Her fellow Guangxi Girl, Jenna, is two and a half, lively and bright. ( She's sort of a sneak preview of how big Wynn will be this summer!) And Josh, from Anhui province, is 3 years old; quite a gentleman and already speaking fluent English.

We are also talking about a summer get-together for our one-year Gotcha Day celebration!

Another special visit took place last weekend - a "make-up" for Wynn's recent birthday (the colds and flu going around hit our household hard in January.) My folks came up from the southern metro with a gift that Wynn will get a great deal of use from once the snow melts!

We've already taken her on a couple rides around the block, and she loves her trike (even if she can't quite reach the pedals.)

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